Workshops for the underprivileged women

Conducting workshops for the underprivileged women has been a very thrilling experience for me. The one workshop I enjoyed very much conducting was the Name Art workshop. The baijis, as we call them, were intrigued by the tasks and looked rather eager and excited. They were so humble that it made it even more exciting for me to teach them. We all focused on different groups of Baijis and started by first asking them their name, whether they know how to write and helping those who didn’t know how to write. 

I taught a few of them to write their first initial and then we all provided them with sketchpens to start detailing and designing. I think, having been brought up in a different way, the Baijis were thrilled to get a chance to write. 

It was a bit tricky to teach them but they adapted quickly, and once clear, they were able to help and guide others as well. It was great to see all of them so invested in the workshop. I believe it was truly a good break for them from the monotonous day. 

This shed, next to the big field of our school, became a place for us to get to know the women better, who play a huge part in maintaining the school, making it a perfect place for us to study. 

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