Our Team

Pakin Pongpaiboon

Curator of Paint for life. Pakin is an art afficionado who enjoys drawing cartoons and sketches in his free time. His passion for visual arts translates into cartoons, caricatures and comics. He would like to use his creative abilities with his intellectual curiosity to explore the interaction between individuals, the environment and society.

Nisha Pathak

Her dedication towards football led her to form the first-ever girls’ football team in her school, marking her stance as a national-level football player. She is a true embodiment of all-around excellence, harnessing her willingness to take on all opportunities that come her way. Nisha enjoys indulging her free spirit in dance and art. Additionally, as the multifaceted talent that she is, Nisha does not let anything distract her from staying on top of her academic life. Nisha is truly an inspiration, and she can be found sharing her passion as a TEDxKids Speaker and Vice President of NMS Girl Up.

Navya Bhardwaj

Navya is an enterprising young woman interested in the world around her. As a pragmatic soul, she is interested in understanding why things are a certain way, what needs to be mended and how one should go about it. Driven by the desire to create profound life changing moments in not only hers, but also other peoples lives, she constantly strives to look at life through different lenses to uncover what may help many and leave an undelible mark.

Ananya Solanki

I’m Ananya Solanki, an IBDP 2 student at Neerja Modi School. I enjoy studying Biology and aim to explore the same at university. I am a passionate changemaker and consistently try to make my contribution to creating a better world. Through my activism and voice, I hope to make a positive change in the society.

Ishita Goyal

Being insanely clever and funny, Ishita has a natural way with words that is sure to leave you speechless. You can find her front and centre at every school event meticulously taking notes and writing articles. With a love for coding, this tiny human is super detail oriented and ensures all of her tasks are done to perfection.

Aaira Goswami

Aaira is a passionate reader and writer. She has her very own blog and has had a few published articles. She also has a keen interest in economics and literature. One of her hobbies include painting. She loves to make acrylic potraits and dresses in water colour. For her, Virginia Woolf’s quote stands as an inspiration for her to volunteer for Art Therapy sessions for underpriveleged women – “How many times have people used a pen or paintbrush because they couldn’t pull the trigger?”


Manasvi loves travelling and outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing and cycling. She is also passionate about computers and like listening to music. Reading is another hobby of mine. She would like to broaden my knowledge on IT and machine learning and am intrigued by the advancements in modern day technology.

Shrida Rawat

IB student at Neerja Modi School; studying economics, history, english, french, math, biology one of the top 45 under 18 debaters in india in 2019 Passionate writer, debater student intern at nichefin consulting volunteer at wode foundation